How Does Eniola, a 23 Years Old Son of Akure Road Sweeper Beat The Likes Of Konga, Jumia, Kaymu To Their Game, And Started His Home Based Small Scale Importation Business With Only N10,450 Without Traveling Abroad, Importing Android Phones, Phone Accessories, Jewelries, Brazilian Hair etc?

The answer will shock and delight you! Itís an amazing new discovery that's now making Eniola up to N250,000 profits monthly importing and selling stuffs, without even a shop and custom wahala!


Here's Exactly How Eniola Does it!

His name is Eniola (surname not included on request), he was just a secondary school leaver from Akure, Ondo state.

His problems have always been capital to implement all he has learnt   about how to import genuine original items legitimately from Asia, USA, Europe etc at stupidly low prices without traveling abroad whatsoever.

After trying all he could without anybody helping out, he pressed on his mom to lend him about N10,500.

He then swung into action!

Guess the first product he imported?


O yea... that's some colorful blackberry phone covers.

And guess how much he bought each of them; and how much he sold them here in Nigeria?


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