Yes, those were fancy blackberry covers...

Ladies love them like crazy!

The product sells for $9.41 per 10 pieces. (If you’re buying above 20 pieces)

That’s about $0.941 per piece… equivalent of N148.678 in Naira

70 pieces amount to $65.87

Which is equals to $65.87 x N158 = N10,407.46


See screenshot from the website he bought them from , directly…


That's to say that,

The price of one amounts to N10,407.46 divided by 70 = N148.678

If you look at the screenshot above closely, you’ll understand that he got the items shipped to him FREE of charge.

Not to worry, even for products that require shipping fee, there’s an insider tips to knock the shipping fee off.

Okay, back to my boy’s mini importation exploit.

We ordered (yes, we, cos I helped him!) and paid for the phone covers easily with an ATM card from a particular Nigerian bank (more on this shortly) and in exactly 11 working days, the 70 pieces of the product came in.

He immediately talked to a phone accessory seller in his area about the items.

Happily and hurriedly, the seller bought off the 70 pieces for N550 each.



My boy made a Profit of:

He got them for N148.678 each, and sold for N550

That is; N550 – N148.678 = N401


Eniola made N401 on each of the blackberry covers he bought for N148.678.

So, N401 x 70 = N28,070

In all, he made a profit of
N17,663 (N28,070 – N10,407)

He paid back the N10,500 he borrowed from his mom and was left with about N17,493 or thereabout.


Chicken change I hear you say?


Wait till you read this… that’s not all,

Immediately after selling off his first consignment, this guy went ahead to order other different hot selling items and resold them at 3 times the prices.

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