The next was…

That’s a brand new Android tablet. He got 2 of it at N8,848 each (total = N17,696)

Guess what… a banker neighbor of his and one other lady picked them up the next day for N45,000 each.

That’s pure N90,000 of cold profits.


What Next...?

Having realized the enormous potentials in this business, this guy was eager to take his mini importation business to another level…

He thought of another hot in demand product to go for with the whole of his N90,000…

He pounced on this:

That’s some 18K gold plated necklace…

You’ll agree with me that any average Nigerian lady can go any length to raise cash to get such a gorgeous jewelry

…even if it means forfeiting their school fees.


The price?

$4.28 if you’re buying below 6 pieces…

But because my boy was to go for it in bulk, he got it at $4.07 per piece.

That’s about N644 in naira value.


With Eniola’s N90,000, he got about 139 pieces of this sweet looking jewelry.

: I know the question on your mind right now!  

You’re tempted to ask if this Eniola dey chop at allDoesn’t spend from the money?


This time, in about 14 days, the consignment landed… and before then, he he delivered them all to some jewelry sellers, whom he had earlier contacted.

They paid cash.


Guess how much they paid for one of it…


Still guess…

Okay, let me tell you…

One final guess…


He sold one of it for N1,800

So, he made a profit of N1800 x 139 = N250,000



Eniola now has more than enough capital from the N10,500 initially borrowed from his mom (and have paid back!)

The truth is, Eniola is gradually moving from a mini importer to a standard import rock star.

The last time I spoke with him, he told me he has already ordered 30 of this item:

That’s a portable washing machine for only $40 (about N6,320)



Here’s a clearer view:

Don’t mind the shipping fee there… if you subscribe to my free email newsletter, I’ll show you how to knock off every shipping fee and get every item shipped to you for 100% free.

This tip works 98% of the time!

By my estimation (not Eniola’s), this item can easily be sold for N20,000.

And if my estimation is anything to go by, and Eniola sells it for that amount, he will be smiling to the bank with a profit of:


N20,000 x 30 = N600,000

He spent only N6,320 x 30 = N189,600

Estimated profit is N600,000 – N189,600 = N410,400


Yeah… he can even sell it higher who knows!


Don't you think this is the same secret the big players have been using?

I'm talking about the mobile phone sellers (Slot, Jumia etc), cloth sellers, watch sellers

... and have done everything to keep secret?


I’ll be showing you full details of how to go about this business in the coming days…

I am not talking about any of those hullabaloo mini importation stuffs you hear people sing about everywhere… NO!


You will see for yourself shortly!



Okay, let me give you a head up:

I just finished researching about this product and have gotten about 3 dealers here who are ready to buy them off from me for N17,000 each.

The price is $21.21 (about N3,351)


So, I’m already sure to be making about N13,649 from each of this.

All I need to net 1 million Naira is to import about 90 pieces of this.


Who wouldn’t like to make this kind of profits?


I've detailed all the steps for anyone who's really serious about learning all the basic and insider tips to excelling in mini importation business, in the next (...and final) page...

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